Diablo Saw Blades: The Best Saw for Your Woodwork Project

As a professional woodworker or a DIY, we all know that quality tools lead to a perfect project.

Back then, before I began to use diablo saw blade, I hardly got a fine finish. It continued like that until I bought Freud diablo blades. With this, I can boost of precise and accurate cut.

What is a Diablo Saw Blade?

Diablo blade is a saw blade produced by Freud America Inc, a manufacturer of high quality woodworking tools.

Diablo blades are designed to make cutting easier. They come with a competitive edge that can cut through any material no matter the toughness. Their blades are reliable and are available in various sizes and shapes to suit different tools, such as.

  • Circular saw
  • Miter saw
  • Low RPM metal saw
  • Table saw
  • Trim saw, and others.

Whenever you consider replacing or upgrading the blade of your miter or table saw, consider the saw blade. They have perfect blades for cutting wood, metal, aluminum, plastic, composite and others.

Is Diablo a good saw blade?

Yes, Diablo is known for producing high quality, durable and great value saw blades. We highly recommend it for anyone that wants to change or replace their saw blade.

What are the types of Diablo blades?

Diablo blades come in different types, sizes and inches just to suit your projects. They include:

Wood Cutting Blades

The wood-cutting blades fall into different categories and inches just to suit your project. They include:

  • The framing blades
  • General purpose
  • Polished finish
  • Finish, ripping and dado

Wood and metal cutting blades

The wood and metal cutting blades are specially formulated with Diablo TiCo Carbide so that it can withstand any stress, reduce wear and also last longer.

The blades also come with a strong aluminum coating to protect them against heat, gumming and rusting.

Metal cutting blades

This is a blade specially made cermet (ceramic and metallic) for cutting metals. There is one for cutting thin metals, medium and thick metals.

So for any type of iron you want to cut, there is a special blade for it.

Aluminum Cutting Blades

This is a special blade for cutting aluminum. The blades come in various types and for different purposes.

There is a blade for cutting thin aluminum, medium and thick aluminum.

Why we recommend Freud Blades

Diablo blades are made from the strongest steel, which ensures that your blade will last even when cutting through tough materials.

They are designed to cut through any material, no matter how tough.

They also come in different styles to enable you to cut anything, be it wood, metal, aluminum, plastic, and others.

Are Freud and Diablo the same?

Yes, they are the same. The Freud Group is a global manufacturer and supplier of circular-saw blades, router bits, and cutters for serious woodworkers, professional and industrial users. They produce under both the Freud’s and Diablo brands.

How long do Diablo blades last?

Diablo blades come with high-quality steel that is tough and long-lasting. They can cut through any material.

And from user experience, the blade lasts up to 3 times longer than other blades on the market.

How much does Diablo Blade cost, and where to buy?

Diablo blades are affordable, you can buy them for less than $100 on Amazon.

How to install a Diablo circular saw blade

Installing a Diablo circular saw blade is easy. First, just unscrew the blade that’s currently on the saw.

Take the new Diablo blade and insert it into the saw holder and tighten it just like you would do on any other saw blade. After that, you’ll be ready to cut through anything.


I have been using Diablo blades for about 7 years now. They are strong, reliable and durable.

I would highly recommend it to anyone buying a saw, or wanting to replace his blade.

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